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La Marzocco Shower Screen with Logo

La Marzocco Shower Screen with Logo

La Marzocco

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La Marzocco Shower Screen with Logo


Introducing the latest rendition of La Marzocco's group head shower screen, featuring the iconic lion logo etching. Crafted for seamless substitution of the original component within both home and commercial La Marzocco espresso machines. This screen plays a vital role in evenly distributing water across the coffee puck in the group head, underscoring the need for consistent maintenance to ensure optimal extraction outcomes.

While these screens can suffer damage, frequent replacements are typically unnecessary in standard usage scenarios. Nonetheless, bustling cafes might experience more wear and tear, coupled with the occasional accidental damage. In such cases, it's recommended to swiftly replace the screen to avert uneven water distribution, a phenomenon known as channeling.

Sustaining a regular cleaning routine for the shower screen is of utmost significance. This involves executing back-flushing procedures on your espresso machine, and when required, detaching the screen for a soak in cleaning solution to eliminate any lingering coffee residues.

Recommended to be replaced every 6 - 12 months with regular scheduled preventative maintenance.

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