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What makes La Marzocco Home worth the investment?

What makes La Marzocco Home worth the investment?

La Marzocco Home line has a reputation among coffee aficionados. These espresso makers are famous for two things: quality and price. But does the quality justify the price? We are here to find out, so join us through this review.

What is La Marzocco Home

La Marzocco Home is the home edition of small espresso makers, made by the La Marzocco company. As one of the market leaders, La Marzocco recognized the market potential of home coffee makers. So, they started making industrial-strength espresso machines for small private users. The idea behind this story is that everyone can make true full-bodied Italian espresso in the comfort of their home.

A short history of La Marzocco company

  • La Marzocco company was founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy as The Officina Fratelli Bambi. But soon after, they adopted the Marzocco symbol, a seated lion with the Fiorentine Lily crest, and changed the company name. 
  • La Marzocco quickly became a synonym for quality. Their espresso machines were top quality and had a flawless design. Separated boilers for steaming milk and espresso were their breakthrough
  • In 1990, Linea Classic was born. A simple yet powerful espresso machine took the USA coffee market by storm.
  • In 2008, they produced the GS3 model. GS3 was their first home espresso machine, also suitable for offices, venues, and small coffee shops.
  • Linea Mini, their most famous machine, was released in 2015. Petit, powerful and beautifully designed, Linea Mini is the flagship of the La Marzocco Home line.
  • In 2016 the company founded the La Marzocco Café and Showroom. It is a cafe that displays different coffee companies each month. The cafe is located in the Seattle Center.

What espresso makers does La Marzocco Home offer

Linea Mini

Linea Mini is a compact version of Linea Classic. With this model, La Marzocco machines became available to regular users. Linea Mini is a semi-automatic espresso maker. It comes with a dual boiler for better brew quality. Opposite to the GS3 model, Linea Mini uses an integrated group head. You will get the temperature consistency similar to the GS model, but in a smaller package, more practical for home users. Steam pressure is high quality and will leave you speechless. 


GS is short for the Italian term “gruppo saturo,” which means saturated group. Compared to the usual E61 group, GS will give you increased brew temperature stability, along with uniform extraction and pre-infusion. You can choose from two types of GS3 models, automatic and manual. 

GS3 AV is fully automatic, which makes this model more user-friendly, and surprisingly a cheaper choice. All options are pre-programmed, from pre-infusion to buttons for different extraction types. But, you can’t control the flow rate profiling, and that’s something true coffee aficionados will hold against this model.

GS3 MP allows you to control the water flow and customize it to your needs. It is a rare feature when it comes to home espresso makers. Also, this is the sole reason why baristas adore this model. However, a manual model will require a certain level of skill to achieve better results. 

La Marzocco Home app

La Marzocco app for smartphones provides you with more than useful features. Just download it on your iOS or Android device, pass through a thorough registration process and you are all set. With the app, you can:


  • Turn the machine on/off
  • Control the temperature
  • Set and enable pre-brewing
  • Set the standby mode
  • Check the total shots number and machine stats
  • Auto-volumetric settings (on GS3)
  • Control multiple devices, if you are lucky to have them

If your La Marzocco machine is not compatible with the app, you can always purchase a retrofit board to make it compatible. The future is now, and if you can reap all the benefits of the smartphone app, we say go for it. 

La Marzocco Home pros and cons

La Marzocco Home line is one of the market leaders for almost a century, and that is no mere coincidence. Let’s see what you get for your money.


  • Unmatched espresso quality and powerful steam wand for perfect lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Sleek Italian design.
  • La Marzocco will double the lifespan of the cheaper espresso makers, at least.
  • The parts are available, and the service network is fast and reliable.
  • The water reservoir is on the back for the practicality of use.
  • The smartphone app is a step forward to the modernization of espresso machines.


  • La Marzocco is the premium brand of espresso machines, known for its superior design and quality. Thus, it cannot be cheap. No top-class product is.
  • Manual models are not beginner-friendly.

As you can see, the only serious downside is the initial cost of the La Marzocco machines. However, it is not a dealbreaker. If maintained properly, your La Marzocco coffee maker will last you for decades. A robust stainless steel body, along with the availability of spare parts is a guarantee you made the right decision. 

La Marzocco Home FAQ

Why are La Marzocco espresso machines so expensive?

One of the reasons that justify the price is the dual boiler system. But other than that, it is the quality of build that separates La Marzocco from the other coffee makers and the sole reason it costs more. La Marzocco espresso makers are built to last. So, we wouldn’t say they are expensive, just that their initial price is high. The other reasons include a relatively small market of high-quality coffee makers and the cost of continuous research. 

What is the most expensive espresso machine?

The title goes to JavaBot, a coffee maker from the Roasting Plant. Calling it an all-in-one system would be oversimplified, as this brewer does everything for you, from picking the beans to brewing the coffee. Price? One million dollars. La Marzocco doesn’t sound so pricey now, right?

What espresso machine does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses Mastrena machines, made by Thermoplan, a company from Switzerland. Starbucks espresso makers are not publicly available, and their main perk is the number of coffees brewed, rather than the quality of the brew.

Final verdict

For a small office or a household full of coffee connoisseurs, the La Marzocco Home espresso makers are the perfect investment. And if you are trying to upgrade your home barista skills, there is no better machine for that. You will get unmatched espresso quality, along with machine durability. What more can you desire from your espresso machine? And to be honest, the La Marzocco app makes a fine addition to overall value.

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