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Edo Adjustable Dynamometric Tamper Chrome 58mm
Edo Adjustable Dynamometric Tamper Chrome 58mm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edo Adjustable Dynamometric Tamper Chrome 58mm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Edo Adjustable Dynamometric Tamper Chrome 58mm

Edo Adjustable Dynamometric Tamper Chrome 58mm


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Ideal for ensuring consistent pressure on ground coffee, the dynamometric tamper by Nuova Ricambi Srl is designed to provide professional baristas with uniform pressing of ground coffee into the filter holder. This tool is especially valued by owners of bars, cafes, and restaurants with multiple employees, as it ensures that every barista, regardless of their skill level, can produce a consistent coffee experience for customers.

The tamper's internal locking system automatically limits the pressure exerted on the coffee grounds, helping all baristas, even those less experienced, to avoid mistakes during the pressing phase. It features two discs: the lower disc acts as a base, and the upper disc drops during pressing to set the pressure limit.


  • Material: Stainless steel with aluminum disc
  • Pressure: Adjustable within a range of 11-14 kg
  • Base Profile: Flat
  • Base Diameter: 58.3mm
  • Washing: Only wash the disc; do not use a dishwasher to avoid damaging the internal mechanism
  • Designed and Produced by: Nuova Ricambi Srl


  • Coarser Grind Use: Allows for a coarser grind, which heats the coffee less and reduces grinder wear.
  • Reduced Training Time: Simplifies barista training and minimizes errors during the pressing phase.
  • Consistent Pressing: Ensures uniform pressing over time.
  • Recognizable Consistency: Guarantees that customers receive espresso with consistent quality.

General Warnings:

  • Professional Use: Intended for professional use but can be used by non-professional personnel with adequate training.
  • Adjust Dispensing Time: The machine's dispensing time should be adjusted according to the tamper in use.
  • Single Pressing: Each dose of coffee should be pressed only once.
  • Pressing Mat: It is recommended to use a pressing mat or tamper support from Nuova Ricambi to stabilize the filter holder and protect the counter.


  • Daily Cleaning: Clean daily with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent encrustations.
  • Dishwasher Use: Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Pressure Regulation:

To adjust the pressure level, slowly turn the tamper knob clockwise to increase the spring load, thereby increasing the pressure exerted on the ground coffee. Each notch corresponds to an increase of 2 kg, within the range of 11-14 kg.


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