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Primo Coffee Distribution Tool Black Walnut



  • Distribution Tool Diameter: 58.3mm
  • Depth Adjustment Range: 4mm to 13mm
  • Weight: 352grs/12.4ozs
  • Materials: Stainless steel distribution tool, Aluminum collar, Insert materials will vary based on selection.
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The Primo Distribution Tool is unique compared to all other coffee distribution tools in the market.  Its faceted design emulates the Stockfleths move used by professional baristas.  The angles of the facets ensure coffee density is not localized and reduces friction, so coffee grounds don’t stick to the surface.  It has the smallest footprint area of compression and can be rotated in both directions.

Using the Primo will create a uniformed, evenly distributed coffee mass with the least amount of compression and air pockets.  The Primo Distribution Tool greatly improves consistency and quality for your espresso making results.

The Primo’s diameter is 58.3mm and can be adjusted by simply rotating the locking collar by hand, a barista has an infinite adjustability between 4mm to 13mm. Once the desired depth is achieved, simply turn the collar to lock it in place.

Primo Distribution tool is customized with a walnut inlay

Designed and crafted in the USA.

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