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Jura Descaling Tablets


Essential for Juras

The Jura descaling tablets are a must for anyone using a Jura machine, and not using Claris water filters. Lime and Calcium build up is one of the most common reasons machines come in for service. Proper cleaning and descaling of you machine is a must to keep it running for years to come.

Included are 36 tablets, or 12 uses. This will last most home users many years, and commercial users around a year, depending on usage and water hardness.

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Specifically designed for your Jura

Jura Descaling tablets are specifically designed to clean the internals of your Jura super automatic, but not cause damage like some other generic descaling products will. They are the only product that Jura or National Cappuccino recommend for descaling Jura machines.

Clean machines last longer

Performing the descaling and cleaning cycles when your Jura asks you too is essential for the machine to keep running for years to come. Hard water and scaling issues are the most common issues with not only Jura machines, but all coffee equipment. Jura descaling tablets remove the calcium and lime deposits that build up in the machine under normal use.


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