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La Marzocco Solo Tamper and Distribution Tool


Adjustable tamper on one side and adjustable distribution on the other. The Solo mimics the Stockfleths distribution method used by baristas around the world. Angled facets ensure that the density of ground coffee is not localized during distribution. Stepless, numbered adjustability. Improve your distribution and tamping with the custom Artpresso Solo Tamper & Distribution tool.


Note: 58.3mm diameter on each side

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  • Start with a clean and dry portafilter basket.
  • Evenly dispense coffee grounds into the portafilter basket center from your grinder.
  • Weigh and adjust the dose of coffee.
  • Inspired by the Stockfleth method of redistribution, the Solo tamp’s distribution side is designed to perform a similar action. When turned, the facets gently redistributes coffee grounds in the basket as an edge half diameter of the Solo tamp lightly levels the surface.
  • To use Solo Tamp, adjust the distance between the distribution edge and locking collar rim. Turn the locking collar to loosen and set the distribution edge to the shallowest position it can effectively redistribute the coffee grounds. Proper adjustment reduces downward tamping pressure during redistribution.
  • Once adjusted, place the Solo Tamp’s distribution side into the portafilter with the locking collar rim resting evenly on the portafilter basket. Turn it a few times in any direction to redistribute the coffee grounds.
  • If you see empty spots in the coffee puck after turning, your distribution depth is too shallow and incorrect. To fix this problem increase the depth of the Solo Tamp distribution side.
  • Like the Stockfleth move, when the distribution side is set to the correct depth you will gently redistribute coffee grounds creating a smooth evenly distributed puck with no empty spots and minimal compression.
  • After completing redistribution simply turnover the Solo Tamp to the tamping side. This side is designed to tamp coffee grounds evenly and level.
  • To set the tamping depth, turn the locking collar to loosen and adjust the distance between the tamp surface and locking collar rim.
  • An easy way to determine tamping depth is to place the tamp side on top of the redistributed coffee grounds without compressing. You want 1.5mm to 2mm of space between the locking collar rim and top of the portafilter basket before tamping.
  • Grip the sides of the locking collar to tamp. When the locking collar rim rests on the top of the portafilter basket tamping is complete. Rotate the tamp in any direction if you want to polish the surface of the coffee puck.
  • Your tamping result should be a clean evenly compressed level surface of coffee grounds.
  • Run water through your espresso machine’s brew head for a few seconds.
  • Switch it back to the off position and place your coffee loaded portafilter into the brew head.
  • Pre-infuse the coffee in the portafilter for 3-5 seconds. If your espresso machine has an infusion feature.
  • Position a cup under the portafilter and on top of a scale. Tare the cup on scale.
  • Make your espresso by turning your pump pressure to full. Extract 32g of espresso in 25-35 seconds. If you don’t achieved 32g within 25-35 seconds, adjust the Solo Tamp to improve a more accurate tamp compression.



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