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Zab Coffee Roasters – BRÉSIL – JOYEUX ROGER 2lbs


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ORIGIN : Carmo de ParanaÍba, region of Cerrado Mineiro, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
PRODUCER : Ana Cecilia & Lúcio Godim Velloso
FARM : São Luiz
VARIETY : red catuai
PROCESS : natural
ALTITUDE : 1135 m
PARTNERS : Crop to Cup, Aequitas


Unmissable classic, our Joyeux Roger is the perfect example of the comfort that brings a high quality natural Brasilian coffee! Last August, we went on a journey to meet the amazing people that are part of the value chain of this great coffee and work relentlessly for us to bring it to you. With Maya from Crop to Cup, our import partner from Brooklyn, we landed in the coffee region of Cerrado Mineiro, which its reputation precedes it. Now certified “Designation of Origin”, coffees from this part of the State of Minas Gerais are easily traceable, allowing for a better transparency as for its origin, farmers and production methods.

It’s at the São Luiz Estate that we met Ana Cecilia and Lúcio Gondim Velloso, young producers and respectively an architect and an agronomist. Born in Belo Horizonte, they moved to Carmo do Paranaiba in the beginning of the 80’s when their father decided to go back to help their grandfather on his coffee plantation. Lúcio now takes care of 330 hectares of coffee trees, which produce about 13,000 bags per year; about 50% of his annual production meet high quality coffee standards. Lúcio recognizes that the quality of his coffee is the result of the characteristics of the Cerrado Mineiro Region’s soil and the hard work of his committed staff. Some of his employees have been working with the family for over 20 years, always strengthening and modernizing their practices.

In 2013 the coffee produced by Lúcio was crowned champion in the “Pulped Natural” category at the 1st Prize of the Cerrado Mineiro Region. It’s at this specific moment that Ana Cecilia’s professional journey in coffee began, realizing the incredible potential of São Luiz coffees. She joined the family business with the desire to increase the part of the specialty market of their coffees.

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