The Rocket R58 is a perfect match for the home barista who wants a little more from their machine. The dual boiler R58 is equipped with a PID controller, so you have control over your brewing temperatures, letting you dial the machine in for your favorite coffees. The PID Control is removable, so once you have the machine dialed in, you can remove it to maintain it’s classic look.

It also comes with a Rotary pump, built into the machine. This means the machine is exceptionally quiet when running, and allows the machine to be hooked into your home water supply, so you never have to think about a water tank again.


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Dual Boiler

Featuring dual copper and brass boilers for extra stability, and speed. The dual boiler system of the R58 gives it an upper hand in temperature stability. Along with the separate boilers for espresso and steam, they are both contolled by an adjustable PID unit.

DetachableĀ PIDĀ 

The R58 is the only machine on the market with a detachable PID Controller. This means that once you set the machine up in your home, simply unplug the box, and store it elseware. Classic style, and modern stability and adjustments. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rotary Pump

Equipped with a professional Rotary Pump, the R58 is nearly silent while making espresso. The pump is also adjustable for even more control over your espresso extraction. You have the option of being able to plumb this machine in as well, so you never have to worry about running out of water mid shot.

E-61 Brew Group

This machine, like all Rockets, comes with the Classic E-61 manual group. It allows low pressure pre infusion, and excellent temperature stability.


2017 Rocket Domestic Brochure


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