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Rocket Bottomless Portafilter Handle


See your shots, right out of the machine

The rocket bottomless portafilter is a useful tool to those learning how to produce proper espresso at home. Seeing the shot as it comes from the machine can teach you about what you may be doing right or wrong in the preparation. Comes with a triple, 21 gram basket to allow higher dosages than with traditional spouted handles.


See your shots, as they develop

The Rocket bottomless portafilter handle is designed to allow you to see shot development as the shot is pouring. It can teach you about you grind, distribution, tamping, and even about your coffee roast.  Being able to see the stop progression also allows you to cut the shot off when you see fit, rather that using volume to control when you stop the pull.

It comes included with a 21 gram, triple basket as well, to allow you to dose more coffee into the handle then you would be able to with a traditional basket and handle set up.



This bottomless portafilter handle is designed specifically for Rocket espresso machines. It will however fit other E61 group machines.


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