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FB80 EE La Marzocco

La Marzocco FB80 EE

Retro Looks, Modern Features

The La Marzocco FB80 was introduced in 2006 for the World Barista Championship, as a variation of the GB5. The retro panel styling are a tribute to La Marzocco machines of old, with their sweeping lines, and round edging. This retro throwback styling hasn’t changed the internals of the machine away from the remarkable stability and reliability of the GB5, and the FB80 shares all of the same features that make the GB5 a world renowned machine. The FB80, like all La Marzocco equipment, can be customized with limitless paint options as well, all done professionally, rather than at the factory, allowing much faster delivery.


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This is the Semi-automatic (EE) Version of the FB80





Dual PID Controlled Boilers

The FB80 features dual PID controlled boilers, one dedicated for coffee, fed by a heat exchanger system from the second steam boiler. This ensures that the water going into the coffee boiler is above 170° F, providing increased stability to the coffee boiler. Dual PID controls allow the user to set up and adjust the temperature of the coffee and steam boilers instantly, and easily. Changing the values of the coffee boiler is reflected by the temperature in the boiler quickly, allowing the FB80 to be set up specifically for the coffee you will be serving.

 Advanced group Cap

The FB80 features a first for La Marzocco, the Peiro Cap system. This group cap, on the top of the boiler contains a ruby flow restrictor to resist erosion, and conveniently, in line mounted flowmeters and solenoid valves. This ensures that all components coming in contact with the water used to brew espresso are heated by the saturated group. Making service easier is also a side effect, allowing less downtime for servicing.

Saturated Group

A staple feature of La Marzocco machines for decades, the FB80 features the saturated group system. The group heads themselves are part of the coffee boiler, and therefore actively heated. This ensures further tempurature stability, giving you a better quality shot in the cup.



This is the semi-automatic version of the La Marzocco FB80. It features large illuminated activation buttons for each group, and a large digital display to show shot times and machine parameters. Allowing the barista to decide when to cut off shots, every time, giving them control over shot parameters, while maintaining reliability.


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