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La Marzocco Strada EP


Designed by Baristas, Engineered by La Marzocco

The La Marzocco Strada was designed in part by the La Marzocco Street team, taking input from baristas all around the world to put together the ultimate espresso machine. The product of years of research and testing culminated in the most ergonomic and user friendly machine on the market. Another first for La Marzocco is their electronic pressure profiling, allowing more consistency than other solutions on the market, while maintaining barista control. All models of the Strada come with individual brew boilers, to allow multiple temperatures on the same machine, Lever style steam valves, with elongated arms to make it easier than ever to craft microfoam, and a low profile body, to ensure customer engagement with the baristas.

Designed with users in mind, the La Marzocco Strada raises the bar for standards in ergonomics, ease of use, and ability to engage with customers. All of this without sacrificing legendary La Marzocco reliability and stability.

This is the Electronic Paddle (EP) Model of the Strada

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Numerous options, reliability comes standard

The La Marzocco Strada comes in numerous options, from the full pressure profiling capability of the EP, to the automation and consistency of the the AV, there is sure to be an option for your cafe in the Strada line. All come with legendary La Marzocco reliability and stability, no matter the option.

Full Pressure profiling, with built in Gear Pumps

A first for La Marzocco, is the Electronic Paddle pressure profiling system. Each boiler is connected to its own variable pressure gear pump, allowing true pressure profiling on all groups. The barista can have manual control over this, unlocking the full potential of their coffee, and experimenting with which pressures match their coffee the best. Once a profile in found, you can program that profile into the machine, to ensure consistency. This is what separates the La Marzocco Strada EP from other pressure profiling solutions: Repeatability.

Individual boilers

Each group of the Strada is entirely user configurable for temperature. This allows cafes to set up multiple different coffees, requiring multiple different temperatures, without having to have multiple machines to do so. Each boiler is fed by a preheating system that heats water to 170°f before it enters the boiler, ensuring stability, even under the most demanding conditions.

Low Profile Chassis

All versions of the Strada feature a low profile chassis. At only 19 inches (48cm) high, the Strada was designed for customer engagement. Allowing a less obstructed view, and customer interaction with barista, the Strada excels at making sure your customers are part of the entire coffee experience.

Available as a Single Group

The Strada EP is available as a single group, full commercial machine. Designed for smaller spaces, or roasters looking to create profiles, and explore pressure profiling, without the need for a larger machine with more capacity, while still providing the capacity and power of a 220 volt machine.

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