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Linea PB La Marzocco

La Marzocco Linea PB ABR


A timeless classic, reimagined

The La Marzocco Linea PB follows closely in the footsteps set by the Linea, but with features that bring it to the forefront of third wave coffee. Featuring the same Advanced group cap and saturated groups you’d expect from La Marzooco, with a completely new, computer controlled display, makes the Linea PB a leading choice for cafes all over the world. The Linea PB is the first full update to the style and technical workings of the Linea in almost 25 years. Simple lines and a lower profile than the Linea Classic mean it is sure to look astounding on your bar.

With a brand new control system, giving the barista total control over volumes, boiler temperatures, even the hot water dose, this is sure to be one of the most user friendly espresso machines on the market for years to come.

Auto Brew Ratio

La Marzocco has spent the better part of a decade bringing this technology to market in a reliable way. With scales integrated into the drip trays of the Linea PB ABR, the machine is capable of tracking shots by weight. Additionally, the machine can track the amount of ground coffee in the portafilter, and adjust the output for each shot, allowing for much more consistency than ever before. Shot defects are significantly mitigated when the exact brew ratio is followed, and the Linea PB ABR does it automatically.

This is the Auto Brew Ratio (ABR) Version of the Linea PB

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Redesigned for exceptional espresso

The La Marzocco Linea PB represents a complete reimagining of one of the companies best selling machines. With new, modern lines that hark back to the Linea Classic, but with 21st century technology, the Linea PB is sure to outperform your expectations. The temperature stability matches the GB5, known for its stability. New control systems give the barista control over parameters, directly from the interface, like boiler temperatures and shot volumes, as well as features like Auto-Backflush to make maintaining the machine easier than ever.

Auto Brew Ratio

The Linea PB ABR is the first machine with La Marzocco’s patented Auto Brew Ratio technology. Scales built underneath the drip trays read the dry coffee weight, and the liquid espresso that is output from the machine. This allows a user to set a brew ratio, and have the machine match it every time. It also give training baristas an invaluable tool. Learning what different ratios do to their coffee, and allowing them to make quick adjustments to that on the fly. Many of the best cafes in the world use weight to ensure their coffee is coming out correctly. Now La Marzocco has integrated that technique into their machines.

Dual PID controlled boilers

A standard feature on all La Marzocco machines, the Linea PB features dual PID controlled boilers. This allows the utmost in temperature stability, with one boiler maintaining coffee brewing temperatures at all times, and the other providing dry, powerful steam anytime. Both are controlled by the main board, and adjustable on the fly without having to open the machine. Even a barista can do it to compensate for shot deficiencies.

Built for Baristas

The La Marzocco Linea PB is one of the most barista friendly machines on the market. Featuring a simple and intuitive menu for day to day adjustments, an improved display, allowing the user to see shot times and boiler temperatures on the fly, and stability that means no matter the rush, they will never be waiting on the machine.


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