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Eversys e '2m

Eversys e`2m

True espresso, and milk, with a touch

The Eversys e`2 is truly a the top of its class. With a fully modular internal design, large 24 gram brew group, dual ceramic grinders, infinite programming options, and automatic milk production and dispensing, the Eversys e`2 is at the top of any super automatic one-touch espresso machine. The coffee that is produced from these machines is truly barista quality, matching taste, and exceeding consistency of all but the highest end cafes. Capable of truly outstanding output, at 175 cappuccinos or lattes per hour, the e`2 is fast enough for all but the most demanding situations.

This is the one-touch variant of the e’2, with automatic milk frothing and dispensing

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Hands Free Operation

The biggest advantage to Super-automatic espresso systems is the ability to set them up and forget them. The Eversys e`2 comes into its own in this regard. Set up your coffee parameters in the machine, like shot time and volume, and the machine takes care of the grinder adjustment automatically. This means that no matter the conditions, your customers are always getting the best, most consistent coffee they can.

Fully Modular

The Eversys e`2, like the rest of the Eversys line is built around a fully modular design. All components of the machine are designed to be removed, replaced, and rebuilt when the time comes that they need service. This means less downtime for end-users due to service calls, and less down-time, means more profitable running

High capacity Brew unit

The heart of any super automatic espresso machine, the brew unit is responsible for tamping and producing coffee. Eversys designed a market leading 24 gram brew chamber to ensure proper extraction ratios of the coffee, something most super-automatics lack at. The result is truly excellent espresso, all without the staffing of a traditional machine.

Large coffee and steam boilers

The Eversys e`2 is equipped with a large, dual boiler system. At 1.6 liters for coffee, and a huge 8.o liters for steam, the e`2 has the capacity to maintain stability, even when the demands are high.

One-Touch Milk

This model of the Eversys e’2 is equipped with their patented Milk Module. The milk goes through a small vessel, where it is brought to temperature, and air is added, before being dispensed into the cup. This rich, foamy milk is produced automatically, and dispensed directly into the cup, allowing the machine to be used by customers directly.

Automatic Cleaning

All espresso equipment needs cleaning, and without baristas operating the machine, cleaning can sometimes get forgotten about. To solve this, Eversys has market exclusive self cleaning system, e’clean. The machine has a separate hopper, with a one month supply of cleaning tablets, in a laser guided dispenser, allowing hands free cleaning, with no staff intervention required.

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Boiler Type


Number of Boilers


Coffee Boiler Size

1.6 Liter

Steam boiler size

8.0 Liter

Brew Unit Capacity

24 Gram

Cups / Hour


Hopper Capacity



Number of Grinders


Burr Type

Flat Ceramic






60 cm



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