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Sette Baratza 270

Sette 270W


Grind by weight

The Baratza sette 270W is the first grinder in the world to bring grind-by-weight dosing to the market. Featuring a built in scale, designed by Acaia, a portafilter holder that can swap into a container holder. Whether directly into your portafilter, into the included anti-static container, or into a filter, like the Able Kone, The Sette 270W keeps your dosages consistent. On top of the grind-by-weight technology, the Sette uses a revolutionary grinding mechanism, allowing much faster grinding then traditional conical or flat burrs.

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Multi use grinder

Baratza is known for it’s unique Micro-Macro adjustment system, allowing users to change the grind on the fly, without having to lose grind settings between drip coffee and espresso. The Sette 270W is no different, featuring 30 stepped grind adjustment points, and a step-less Micro adjustment to fine-tune your extractions for espresso.

Unbelievably fast

One of the best features of the Sette line is just how fast it is capable of grinding. Producing 3.5 grams per second at it’s espresso setting, and an even faster 5.5 for regular coffee, the Sette 270W is among the fastest grinders we have ever seen, even in the commercial world.

Ceramic Conical Burrs

The Sette line features 40mm ceramic conical burrs, designed by Etzinger specifically for the Sette. They are the key to it’s speed, and because they are made of ceramic, and not steel, they are more resilient to wear than traditional burrs, meaning you don’t have to change them as often to keep the consistency of grind.


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