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Nuova Simonelli Mythos Climapro


Temperature stable grinder

Most grinders on the market focus on removing heat from the grinder assembly during grinding. The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Clima Pro goes about the problem differently. With actively heated burrs, constantly at the same temperature, the Climapro stabilizes the variance in temperature, leading to less day to day adjustment on the bar. The result is less wasted shots for cafes that are on point with their adjustment regime. A short exit spout, with Clump Crushing technology, as well as ultra low retention, makes this an amazing grinder for third wave cafes.


Climapro Technology

The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Climapro is the first to market with actively heated burrs. Grinders need time at the beginning of a rush to heat up, so when baristas dial in their settings first thing in the morning, the setting often changes by the time they get busy. With Climapro technology, the burrs are kept between 35-45°c at all times, kept warm when the shop is slow, and cooled when the demand is there.

Titanium Coated Burrs

The Mythos Climapro not only has actively heated and cooled burrs, allowing the consistency of the product, but it comes standard with 75mm Titanium coated flat burrs. Titanium coating makes the burrs much more resilient to daily use, even in a high volume cafe. They are rated to 1200kg, nearly 3 times the amount as the standard steel burrs for the mythos.

Easy Adjustment

A large, stepless adjustment knob, located right on the face of the machine allows the barista to make fine, day to day adjustments with ease. Incremental markings on the dial make it easy to change grind settings, without having to worry about finding past one.

Clump Crusher

The Mythos Climapro is equipped with a Clump Crusher spout, as well as a very short travel distance for ground coffee. The design of the burrs allows very few clumps coming out of the chute of the grinder, resulting in a more consistent cup. Since the travel distance is so short, the waste coffee from changing grind settings, or doing purges is also minimal.

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