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Mazzer Mini Electronic


Mazzer Reliability, in your home

Mazzer grinders are known for their high quality construction, excellent grind consistency, and their second to none reliability. Now, with the Mini Electronic, that reliability and quality can be in your home. With 64mm flat steel burrs, and solid aluminum contruction, the Mini is a full commercial grinder, capable of fitting under North American cabinets. At only 18.5 inches tall (or 17.5 with optional short hopper accessory) the Mazzer mini is an excellent choice for a solid home espresso grinder for the home.

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Full Aluminum construction

The second you pick the Mazzer Mini up, you’ll understand why Mazzer grinders are known for their quality. Weighing 22.5 pounds, without coffee, the quality is there. The large 64mm stainless steel burrs are mounted to solid brass carriers, ensuring easy adjustment, and longevity.

Easy to adjust

Mazzers Micrometric adjustment system comes standard on all their grinders, and the Mini Electronic is no exception. The large brass collar makes it easy to dial in the perfect grind, and just as easy to change coffees or styles. From lungo to ristretto, the Mazzer Mini Electronic does it with ease.

Electronic Control

The Mazzer Mini Electronic comes with a large push button control system, placed on top of the dosing chute, allowing easy control of the dose setting you want. It is simple to operate as well, with the shot counter doubling as a digital timer, letting you control the exact dose you want, down to 0.05 seconds.


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