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Mahlkonig PEAK

The PEAK of espresso

With the rise of the EK43 being used by coffee professionals the world over, Mahlkonig set out to capture the consistency and performance in a smaller, more espresso friendly format. What came is the PEAK, the latest iteration of the famous K30 vario. Featuring large 80mm cast steel burrs, capable of producing a light, fluffy grind, even at a lower 800-1100 RPM. The burrs and grinder internals are actively cooled by dual cooling system, that only activates when needed, keeping noise down.  A new interface is featured on the PEAK, with a multicolored OLED display, and grind time adjustment down to 0.01 seconds, allowing even tighter control over dosages.

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Bigger burrs, higher extraction

The Mahlkonig PEAK was designed with sweet, high extraction ratio espressos in mind. In recent history, coffee professions have turned to large, flat burr shop grinders for these high extraction ratios, but have had to deal with the inconvenience of using a shop grinder for espresso production. Mahlkonig set out to make that process simple, by integrating some of the technology of the EK43 grinding burrs into the PEAK. The result is an espresso grinder capable of keeping up with the busiest of lines, while still maintaining that sweetness of high ratio coffees. The burrs are adjustable with Mahlkonig’s Stepless grind adjustment system, capable of being locked, to ensure the grind keeps its place.

Digital control

The Mahlkonig PEAK  features an all new interface, with a wide viewing angle color OLED display. This shows the barista information about the grinder, such as dosage time, number of shots, and even temperature inside the grinder. The display also allows the grind time to be adjusted to 0.01 seconds, resulting in dose accuracy down to 0.1 gram in the real world. This means less time correcting the dosage on the grinder when there’s a line out the door.

Large hopper

The Mahlkonig PEAK features a large, 3.3 pound hopper, meaning you have to spend less time filling the hopper, and more time managing the bar. The shape of the hopper is designed to lessen the impact of hopper load on the consistency of the coffee produced.

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