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Mahlkonig EKK43

Twice as good

The Mahlkonig EKK43 is a dual hopper, dual burr version of the legendary EK43. Capable of grinding 3.3 pounds per minute, per side, with no swap time in between. This is an ideal solution for a brew bar with multiple different coffees. You no longer have to spend the time to swap the coffees in the hopper. Simply select the other side and you’re good to go. It features the same 98mm burr set found in the EK43, making high extraction ratio coffees with ease.

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Dual individual grinders

The Mahlkonig EKK43 features two separate grinding systems in one body. Both are individually adjustable, and can be activated separately from one another. This allows you to have two different coffees in the grinder, or two separate grind settings, and quickly swap between them, without having to change the hoppers, or the coffee in them. This saves time for your baristas, and your customers.

98mm Cast steel burrs

The most researched feature of nearly any grinder on the market is the burr set of the EKK43. Known for it’s particle distribution size, and consistency of grind, bars the world over have used the EKK43 to create high extraction ratio coffees. Easily selectable grind size, and the ability to go from espresso to french press make this one of the most complete shop grinders on the market. Whether its espresso, drip, or anything in between, the EK43 excels at creating a beautiful cup.

Heavy Duty cast body

Proof that the EKK43 was designed as a fully commercial shot grinder is in the body. Nothing is plastic, save for the collar assembly. The large cast aluminum body is sure to stand up to years of even the most high volume use. Large control switches activate the 1.75 Horsepower motor, and are placed on the side of the grinder stand for easy access.

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