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La Marzocco Vulcano Swift


Mazzer Engineered, La Marzocco Design

When La Marzocco wanted to design a grinder to match their line of espresso machines, they turned to the experts at Mazzer to create the Vulcano. Featuring a large 64mm conical burr set, and Mazzers famous Micrometric adjustment system, the vulcano harks back to the original model of the 1960’s, but with the convenience and features you’d expect for a large commercial grinder. An integrated cooling fan intakes cold air to actively cool the burrs, allowing less adjustment, and more importantly, less destruction of delicate flavours in the coffee while grinding. This model features the same self tamping system La Marzocco  pioneered with the swift, allowing more consistent tamping, removing the barista from the job of tamping.

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Self tamping system

The La Marzocco Vulcano is available with a Swift EPS tower attachment. This allows self tamping and dosing, directly into your portafilter. La Marzocco was the first to market with a self tamping grinder with the swift. That same technology is used in the Vulcano, with a large, stainless steel tamping impeller that eliminated the need for baristas to tamp the coffee puck. This results in higher consistency at the bar, and less chance of repetitive strain injury for baristas.

Large 64mm conical burrs

The Vulcano is equipped with large, 64mm conical burrs, designed by mazzer, with an active cooling system to ensure grind consistency. They are capable of grinding a standard 18 gram does in just over 6 seconds, without heating the coffee excessively, even when high turnover is needed.

Electronic Adjustment

Featuring Mazzers excellent electronic adjustment system, the Vulcano is simple to use, adjust, and calibrate for baristas. The display shows the number of shots produced while in stand by, and allows the user to adjust the grind time in 0.05 second increments

Large adjustment knob

The Vulcano uses Mazzers legendary stepless micrometric adjustment system, with a large, easy to turn knob to adjust grind size. This allows baristas to make fine adjustments to the grind more accurately then a smaller collar system.

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