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La Marzocco Swift


Consistency, even for the busiest bars

The first and only self dosing, self tamping grinder on the market. La Marzocco set out to create a grinder designed for very high volume locations, capable of fast grinding, and quick turn over from shot to shot. The product of that goal is the swift. The first and still only Automatic tamping grinder in the world. The swift allows for extremely fast production of espresso, eliminating the need for tamping. This speeds up the process, but also eliminates the need for a barista to tamp, which is a cause of repetitive strain injury.

A large 64mm ceramic burr set, matched with a stainless steel tamping impeller eliminates inconsistencies in the coffee bed, allowing more consistent shots, even when the line is out the door. Simply lock in the portafilter, press the button, and around  6 seconds later, you have a loaded portafilter, ready to go into your machine.

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Self Tamping

The La Marzocco swift is the first and only grinder on the market with integrated grinding and tamping. This takes the job of tamping off the barista, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury. It also allows lower amounts of training to operate, because tamping can have such impact on shot times and coffee flavour.

64mm ceramic burrs

Large 64mm ceramic burrs ensure fast, consistent grinding, Ceramic burrs are more resilient than traditional steel burrs, allowing longer periods between changes. They also impart less heat into the ground coffee, ensuring that even under heavy load, the ground coffee is consistent, and the flavor profile doesn’t change.

Dual Grinders

Each swift comes with two separate grinding chambers, and a shared tamping system. This allows two separate coffees, such as espresso and decaf, to be prepared on the same grinder. Each grinder is equipped with large, 4 pound hoppers, to make sure you don’t need to fill them during a rush.  Each is individually adjustable for grind size, so even if they need to be dialed in separately, the swift has you covered.

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