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Compak R8


Simple, Retail Speed

Compak’s line of retail grinders meet the demands of even the largest coffee shop. Capable of grinding over 1 pound per minute at its finest setting, and much more at drip, the Compak R8 is a great choice for a cafe looking to grind fresh coffee for their customers. It’s large 83mm Flat burrs, and large aluminum carrier make sure the coffee stays cool during the grinding process. A bag shaker is also built into the base to settle the ground coffee, making sure you get the most of the space in that bag.



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Large Flat Burrs

The Compak R8 comes equipped with large, 83mm flat burrs. These more burrs are more aggressively edges then they are in their espresso grinders, ensuring consistency throughout the grind range. This allows you to offer your customers any grind they want, from french press, all the way down to turkish fine, all on the same grinder.

Bag holder and leveler

The Compak R8 features a strong bag holder under the spout, allowing hands free operation of the grinder, freeing staff to finish the transaction with the customer. The bag base also actively vibrates, settling the ground coffee into the bag, ensuring the coffee doesn’t block the exit chute, or overflow the bag.

Easy Adjustment System

The Compak R8 features a large front knob adjustment system, allowing for quick changes of the grind setting. Small indications along the wheel also give staff visual indication as to the grind, not just numbers on a dial.

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