Compak R100

Big time speed

The Compak R100 is part of their line of retail grinders. Designed for speed, without sacrificing grind quality. At over 1 kilogram per minute at espresso settings, the compak R100 is a great fit for any high volume cafe, or roasterie. Featuring a large intake hopper, bag shaker, and easy to adjust burr system, the R100 is sure to make retail grinding a smoother experience in your cafe.


Large Steel Burrs

Compak designed the new R line entirely around the burrs they wanted to use. The R100 features 100mm flat steel burrs, rotating at 1350 RPM. Fast grinding normally comes with high heat imparted into the coffee. That’s why Compak designed the burr carrier of the R100 from cast aluminum, with an active cooling system that cools down the burrs while the grinder is running. This keeps the heat low, allowing for a more consistent grind.

Easy Adjustment System

The Compak R Line of grinders features a large, front facing grind adjustment knob. Marked with reference numbers, as well as icons to indicate the grind setting, the Compak R100 retail is a great solution to even self-service grinding.

Bag holder and leveler

The Compak R100 features a strong bag holder under the spout, allowing hands free operation of the grinder, freeing staff to finish the transaction with the customer. The bag base also actively vibrates, settling the ground coffee into the bag, ensuring the coffee doesn’t block the exit chute, or overflow the bag.

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