E10 OD Compak

Compak E10 OD

Full Size Conical

The Compak E10 OD is a fully commercial conical espresso grinder, designed for high speed grinding in high use locations. With 68mm conical stainless steel burrs, rotating at only 350 RPM, the E10 can dose a typical 18 gram espresso dose in just over 3 seconds. Sure not to hold you up, even when the line is running out the door. Even under heavy loads, the Compak E10 keeps the burrs cool, thanks to an active cooling system. The electronic touch controls make dosage adjustments quick and easy, as well as keeping track of dosages and burr life.


Large conical burrs

The Compak E10 OD is equipped with large 68mm conical steel burrs, capable of grinding espresso at nearly 4 grams per second. This means the E10 OD can dose a typical 18 gram espresso in just over 3 seconds. All that speed doesn’t come at the sacrifice of consistency however, with its active cooling system, and large aluminum burr carrier, it sheds it heat so as not impart it into the coffee.

Touch controls

Exclusive to the Compak Essential line, their touch sensitive control system is a joy to use, whether in a cafe, or at home on the smaller grinders, they make adjusting dosages, checking counts, and remaining burr life easy and simple


Easy to adjust

Compak’s “Parallel Adjustment System” makes grind size adjustments a breeze. The locking function of the adjustment means its sure to stay in place once set up, but still easy to move when you need to.

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