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Baratza Precisio

Great Entry Level Grinder

The Baratza Preciso is a great choice for the first time espresso buyer. Capable of not only grinding fine enough for a traditional espresso machine, but featuring Baratza’s Micro / Macro Adjustment system. This systems allows you to properly dial in the grind for whichever brewing method you choose, whether it be espresso, drip, or french, and have a value to go back to if you frequently change grind settings. Great as an all around grinder or multiple brewing methods.


Micro / Macro Adjustment System

Baratza’s exclusive Micro / Macro adjustment system allows very small changes in the grind size, while allowing changes in grind that are much easier to come back to then a traditional stepless grind adjustment. This allows the Baratza Preciso to be switched very quickly from one brewing method to another, without having to guess where your settings were last! 440 distinct steps in the grind adjustment allow you to dial in that perfect shot, without having to guess how much you’re changing the grind.

40mm Steel Conical Burrs

The Baratza Preciso uses 40mm Steel Conical Burrs. This allows reliable grinding for years to come, as well as grinding speeds much faster then most entry level home grinders. At 1.5 – 2.4 Grams per second, the Preciso won’t leave you longing for a faster grinder.


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