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Roasti Finca El Mirador Washed Carbonic Maceration 2lbs

Roasti Finca El Mirador Washed Carbonic Maceration 2lbs


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Roasti Finca El Mirador Washed Carbonic Maceration

Notes: Green Apple, Rose, Black Tea
Origin: Huila Colombia
Producer: Elkin Guzman
Farm: Finca El Mirador
Process: Washed Carbonic Maceration
Altitude: 1550-1680 MASL
Variety: Catiope


El Mirador is a 32-hectare farm located near the town of Pitalito in Huila. Elkin Guzman’s family has a history of over 70 years in the coffee business, 12 of which were dedicated to researching post-harvest processing techniques. 30 Hectares of the farm are dedicated to growing exotic coffee varieties like Catiope, Mokka, Tabi, Geisha, as well as Orange, Striped, and Pink Bourbon. The remaining hectares of land are used to grow a Caturra variety for experimental lots. During harvest, a process of meticulous selection of ripe cherries allows only the sweetest fruits to be passed on. Elkin has standardized the workflow and processing procedures to ensure consistency and
quality control at each step. His innovative approaches to fermentation and immaculate attention to detail have made this farm a benchmark in the industry for the quality lots it produces. His passion and eagerness to learn continues to excite us as this year's harvest is even more ecstatic than the last.

Elkin always measures brix content to determine when to harvest. Once cherries have reached 20- 24 Brix sugar content (around 90% ripeness), he harvests the cherries. The fermentation starts when ripe cherries are placed in 50 litre tanks for 60-96 hours before being depulped. Afterwards, the depulped coffee is placed back into the same tank with the juices produced during its initial period of fermentation. These juices help aid in the secondary fermentation process as the microorganisms and sugars present help metabolize the remaining mucilage on the coffee beans. The tanks are  then sealed, creating an air-tight environment conducive for carbonic maceration. This stage lasts for approximately 80-120 hours. Finally, the coffee is rinsed with spring water at a neutral pH and slow dried on raised beds for 18-25 days. This process is targeting bright, exotic flavours and a lingering aftertaste.

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