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Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

Oscar II

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A perfect entry level machine for the aspiring home barista, the Oscar II gives professional features, in a small, kitchen friendly format. The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II improves the design of the original machine, featuring a lever actuated steam arm, and 2 user settable volume buttons.

Perfect for a small kitchen, or someone looking for a modern style, entry level heat exchanger machine.

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Heat Exchanger Boiler 

The Oscar II features a full copper heat boiler, and heat exchanger technology. Capable of pulling excellent espresso, and steaming milk beautifully at the same time.

Commercial Portafilter

The full size 58mm portafilter is the same Nuova Simonelli uses in their commercial Equipment. Chrome plated brass handles hold heat well, keeping the temperature of the shot stable until it lands in your cup. Dual and single spouts handles are included with the machine, allowing you to pull both single and double shots, without having to change baskets.

Dual Shot buttons 

The Oscar II is equipped with two shot dosage buttons. They are settable by the user, and allow excellent repeatability from shot to shot, and allow hands free dosing of espresso.

Large water tank 

The Oscar II features a large, 2.8 liter water reservoir, letting you pull shot after shot, without having to worry about running out of water during your morning routine


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