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Rancilio Silvia espresso machine



The perfect entry level machine, still packed with professional features. The Silvia has long been the most popular option among first time buyers. The heavy duty steel case, and commercial geade internals make the Silvia a great choice for a simple, reliable, and powerful home machine. Professional portafilters, steam arm, and 3 way solenoid make this machine a solid choice for home users.


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Professional Features

The Rancilio Silvia comes with a fully commercial 58mm portafilter, and double baskets. These are the same handles and baskets that Rancilio packages with their full commercial grade machines. The 3-way solenoid allows the used coffee puck to drain, without being messy when you unlock the portafilter.

Single Boiler 

The single boiler of the Silvia simplifies the machine, while still giving you the control you need to make excellent espresso. Need steam? One click of a switch, and the same boiler gives you powerful steam in just a few moments, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

Large Tank

A large 1.9 liter tank in the back lets you pull shot after shot, without having to worry about filling the tank. Easy to remove to clean, and especially easy to fill.


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