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Professional Performance, Home use price

For nearly a decade now, the Vario by Baratza has been a go to grinder for espresso enthusiasts, mainly because of its excellent performance, built into such a small and affordable package. The Baratza Vario features burrs manufactured by one of the world leaders in coffee grinding, Mahlkonig. Designed from the ground up as a home grinder, with the ability to be used for espresso, the Baratza Vario is truly a contender for a place in your home espresso or coffee set up!



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Mahlkonig Designed Burr Set

When Baratza set out to create a home espresso grinder, they turned to the experts at Mahlkonig. They designed a compact, 54mm burr set, capable of grinding a full range of consistencies, from Espresso, all the way up to french press. This allows the Baratza Vario to grind for any brewing method you would want in your home.


Micro / Macro Grind adjustment

Instead of using the traditional stepless grind adjustment, standard on larger, commercial grade grinders, Baratza designed a stepped grind adjustment system. This system, with 240 points between coarse and fine, allows the grinder to be dialed in for the perfect espresso, but changed between grind settings without having to guess and test the coffee. This is perfect for users who frequently change the style of coffee they want to use, or change coffees frequently, allowing less time to be used dialing in the grinder, and more time brewing great coffee.

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